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GLEE- and why I love it

Glee is an amazing fabulous effervescent show and I can’t help but feel that my Tuesday revolves around Glee. It comes on at 8, and I make sure my homework is complete, my chores are done, my dinner is eaten, my computer logged off. I sit down and watch the tail end of American Idol every week and wait wait wait the two minutes before my DVR records the musical epiphany that is GLEE! I know, it’s unhealthy to love something so frivolous but consider it my vice. You can be a social smoker and I can be a social gleek. I love it very much- the songs, the voices, the drama, the characters, and SUE SYLVESTER. Plus the male characters are lovely to look at and to listen too. Ahhh. GLEE. GLEE. GLEE. GLEE. Ily. Glee!