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Half of My Heart

“I was born in the arms of Imaginary Friends.” Half of My Heart- John Mayer ft. Taylor Swift.

Dude this song is beautifully composed and it is sung by two of my most epic favorite artists. I can’t keep Loving You. I love it!
It’s like the heart-ache of lost love embodied within a melody and lyrics. The video is so tear jerkingly sweet and melancholy.

Insert Title Where?

Why the hell should I title the angsty drama that is my life? I have a choice, a right, a moral wellbeing (maybe). I can hold tight or let go

depending on my mood and mental status.

God forgive me when I don’t immediately make eye contact. It’s not you. It’s me. And dammit it’s my life. My eyes are the windows to my soul- don’t look. No vacancy. No habla espanol. If I could just close my eyes for a day and look inside them myself; my soul; my inner ME. If. If I could I might fly. Or kill myself. or both. No particular order of course. But then again I’m assuming. Assumptions are the tool of the devil. bleh.