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So my mom’s friend from Saudi Arabia is visiting this Summer. She is staying with her five kids at her friend’s large two story home. This coming holiday weekend, Friend’s husband is coming home from business and wants time with the family- alone. As a result, vacationer and mother of five tells us she’s staying at our home for SIX days. SIX. She has not called us for three years. How can she expect us to A) House her brood B) Babysit said brood C) Pay for groceries, restaurants, shopping, and gas? OH YEAH- her twelve year old boy is autistic and completely dependent upon others. It isn’t his fault but she can’t expect someone to just jump in and be a caretaker for a special needs child. How do you tell someone “No, I don’t want to take you in and completely raise your family for you and feed you and clothe you. No thank you.” I just don’t have the gall (or the balls) to tell someone that. It’s too much. It’s ridiculous in this day and age- that type of visiting ended almost 100 years ago. Goodness gracious. Can’t deal, yo.

Golden days

bring back the golden days
when life was like a sitcom
and love was like bananas
you can find them at your local grocery store.

bring back the golden days
when the sun was bright
and tricycles litter
the front yard.

bring back the golden days
when ice cream trucks
were like Starbucks
around every street corner.

bring back the golden days
when front doors were unlocked
and dad drank fresh lemonade
after he mowed the lawn.

bring back the golden days
when you and i could be
and no one would care
and no one could stare.

GLEE- and why I love it

Glee is an amazing fabulous effervescent show and I can’t help but feel that my Tuesday revolves around Glee. It comes on at 8, and I make sure my homework is complete, my chores are done, my dinner is eaten, my computer logged off. I sit down and watch the tail end of American Idol every week and wait wait wait the two minutes before my DVR records the musical epiphany that is GLEE! I know, it’s unhealthy to love something so frivolous but consider it my vice. You can be a social smoker and I can be a social gleek. I love it very much- the songs, the voices, the drama, the characters, and SUE SYLVESTER. Plus the male characters are lovely to look at and to listen too. Ahhh. GLEE. GLEE. GLEE. GLEE. Ily. Glee!

School is Out!

I am pretty sorry to see my friends go but right now as i sit not worrying about homework or studying or tests or friends or grades, I am in a fantabulous mood. It’s been a pretty amazing year for me, and I don’t have a lot of regrets. I just feel like everything has happened so fast- one year closer to adulthood, one year closer to college and work and spouses and LIFE. Oh my gosh life is totally going by way too fast.


Formspring hurts. For those who don’t know, it’s a site that allows others to ask questions (anonymous questioning is an option). I created an account some months ago and promptly forgot about it. I looked at it today and saw over 100 questions- approximately 70 of them were anonymous, hateful questions that harassed me sexually, or discriminated, or just pure hated on me. I was so depressed by the time i finished reading through them- i just deleted my account and cried. Why do we ask about cyber bullying and it’s prominence in society? WE ARE ENABLERS. When you give a druggie money you are enabling. Formspring is an enabler to the petty insecure teenagers of america. And it hurts. And even I, a relatively strong person, cried. It hurts reading derogatory remarks over and over again. The words change but the hate is constant.