Life is pretty high up in the sky today. It’s 1:12 in the morning, it’s calm, it’s serene, it’s silent. I love it. All I can hear is the sad sound of now-canceled Scrubs. (RIP Zach braff). Anyways I really don’t have a specific reason for a blog, i’m no budding fashion designer with an eye for color. I’m just a sometimes overwhelmed under appreciated person like everyone else on the computer past 11 pm. Actually I somewhat enjoy late night computer time. I can do whatever I want, as in go look up the season premier of Wizards of Waverly Place without feeling embarrassed. I can properly stalk that one girl I hate on Facebook. Anything’s possible with Night Time Internet. Where The Wild Things Are. It’s a peaceful realm, no chat boxes popping up saying “Did you get the answer for number five on the biology homework?!?” The internet is freeing, like I can do whatever I want (within reason) and in the privacy of my own room. I can wear a ballgown or a bikini, whatever I desire. I can have conversations with complete strangers as I fold my laundry. Either way I guess this first ever entry is dedicated to… (Da da da daaa!) The Internet! ILY!

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